Before using 127 Solutions I had a laptop that was very slow and very unresponsive. I askedCousinsgdcheader_230x38 friends and family, who believed they could fix it, to have a go and it still wasn't working. In fact it went worse. In the end it was put aside and I did not use it for about 6 months. I gave my laptop to Tom Morton from 127 Solutions to see if he could do anything with it. After a very short period of time I got my computer back in full working order and as good as new and at a very reasonable price. I will always use Tom and 127 Solutions in the future and I will highly recommend them to friends, family and colleagues. Thank you to 127 Solutions.
~Jonathan Foy, Cousins-gdc.co.uk
Picow Electrical Engineering Ltd appointed 127 Solutions for their IT support in 2007 in clip_image002preference to their incumbent provider. The staff from 127 Solutions came across as being very dynamic, passionate about their business and their ability to provide a level of service which is tailored to our business. Picow Electrical Engineering Ltd have had over12 months of outstanding attention and reliability from 127 Solutions including a major design / specification and renewal of our failed server system. The dedication and diligence exhibited by 127 Solutions staff in disaster recovery was in our opinion second to none. The services provided cannot be faulted and we would not hesitate to recommend 127 Solutions to anybody.
~Chris Martindale, Picow.co.uk
On two separate occasions 127 have stepped in at short notice and resolved disasters that heapslogo_230x76have threatened our business. Due to their effective, calm and knowledgable approach I had no hesitation in further calling upon them to project manage a full head office relocation including planning, preparation, physical moving of equipment and reintegration of remote office comms into the new infrastructure. Owing to the massive success of this project, I will again be using 127 for an upcoming systems upgrade and know I can trust them to handle anything I throw at them. For an all-encompassing service, I would recommend 127 Solutions to anybody.
~Simon Sloan, www.heaps.co.uk