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How Business Emails Are Vulnerable

Research by digital risk management and threat intelligence firm Digital Shadows has revealed that company credentials and emails that can be easily accessed on the web are making it easier for cyber-criminals to target businesses with attacks. What’s Are The Problems? According to the research, businesses may be suffering targeted attacks because several key problems that are caused by the results of previous hacks and breaches, and by current poor security practices. These problems are that:
  • Around 12.5 million company email archive files are publicly accessible due to misconfigured archive storage drives e.g. FTP and Amazon S3 buckets. Business emails contain sensitive personal and financial information e.g. the research uncovered 27,000 invoices, 7,000 purchase orders and 21,000 payment records. These things are valuable to cyber-criminals as they help them to target attack methods such as phishing.
  • Improper backing-up of...

Goodbye Skype Classic, Hello Blockchain-as-a-Service

Just as November will see Microsoft asking Skype users to switch from Skype Classic to version 8, tech commentators are predicting that Microsoft and other companies will be looking to start reaping the financial benefits of offering blockchain as a service (BaaS). Skype Classic Replaced By Version 8 Microsoft has announced that it will be moving all users of the Classic version of its Skype video call software to version 8 of the software from 1st November for desktop, and 15th November for mobile and tablets. The company says that it will be sending out notifications to those using the older versions of Skype by the end of October to warn them that they may lose functionality if they don’t switch to version 8. Why? The reason for the move is to ensure that users of desktop and smaller screens...