Hosted Exchange Email

127 Solutions provide hosted exchange email allowing you to have the latest corporate email system from Microsoft without the need to purchase your own mail server. Some of the main features are listed below:


  • 25GB Storage Space
  • Business email with company Domain
  • Share contacts, calendars and tasks
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Push email to smart phones
  • Mail in sync on multiple devices
  • Anti-Spam included
  • Multiple email domains to the same mailbox
  • Up to 10 email aliases
  • Distribution Groups
  • Global address List
  • Access multiple mailboxes in Outlook
  • Out of Office Feature
  • £5.99 Price (per month)

Storage Space

The maximum size that your mailbox can be. For the average person that would be about 50,000 mail items

Business email with company Domain

This allows you to have an email address in the format of

Share contacts, calendars and tasks

Share these features with other users who have hosted mailboxes in your organisation allowing you to view their information and add appointments to their calendars etc.

Outlook Web Access

If you are away from your PC or laptop and need access to your email on another computer, you can access them through a web link. You will be asked to log in with your username and password and then you will have access to your full mailbox through the online web app.

Push email to smart phones

Receive emails on the move through your smartphone automatically and any emails read or sent will be synchronised to the cloud and reflected new time you open up Outlook on your computer.

Mail in sync on multiple devices

You can have your mailbox set up on as may devices as you like, for example a desktop, laptop and smart phone and your information will always stay in sync.

Anti-Spam included

High volumes of spam email can be very annoying so intelligent spam filtering is included with every mailbox.

Multiple email domains to the same mailbox

If you have more than one domain you can still receive all of the email into the same mailbox. For example, mail to and can go into the same mailbox to keep all of your emails organised into one location.

Up to 10 email aliases

This is useful if you want several different addresses to go into your mailbox. For example you could have and all coming into the same mailbox.

Distribution Groups

These are groups that are forwarded to selected mailboxes in the organisation. For example I could set up an info distribution group with the email address of Any email to this address will go to whoever is added into the group.

Global address List

All users in your company who have a hosted mailbox will be listed in the global address list. This is an easy way to view the email addresses of everyone in your organisation and quickly send them an email.

Access multiple mailboxes in Outlook

This is useful if a user is on holiday and you want to view their mailbox until they get back. You can add it in as an extra mailbox so that you can view your own mailbox at the same time.

Out of Office Feature

When you are on holiday or out of the office for any reason you can set up automatic replies that tell anyone who sends you an email that you are out of the office until the date that you specify. The message can be customised to say what you like.