VOIP is a way of using your internet connection to make and receive calls instead of avoip-provider physical phone line and therefore usually reducing the cost of calls. The line rental is also cheaper and they can be highly customisable without having to buy a fancy phone system.

VOIP Phone System with 127 Solutions

  • Only £8 per month line rental for every 2 channels
  • Port the number of any physical phone line to the cloud
  • Plug phone into any Internet connection in the word to make and receive calls on your numbers
  • Custom call groups and ring order options
  • Forward calls to mobiles after several rings or our of hours
  • Very cheap call charges including great international rates
  • Custom voicemail messages with voicemail audio files sent to your email
  • Free VOIP to VOIP calls
  • Have multiple incoming number to the same VOIP account and select which numbers go to which extensions
  • Many more amazing features to suit your business

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