IT Support

127 Solutions offers 2 main IT support packages for our customers. The main features are summarised in the table below.

  • Free Telephone Support
  • Free Remote Support
  • Server MOT Checks
  • Daily Backup Checks
  • Reduced onsite charges
  • Maximum Response Time
  • Monthly Network Report
  • Free online backup
  • Computer Asset Management
  • 3rd Party Software Administration
  • Managed Website Filtering
  • Annual IT strategy Review Meeting
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Price (per month)
  • Quarterly
  • 8 Hours
  • £50 per Server £10 per PC
  • Monthly
  • 4 Hours
  • £60 per Server £15 per PC
  • Monthly
  • 4 Hours
  • £75 per Server £20 per PC

IMPORTANT* If you don’t have a server then the first PC is charged at server rate.

Features Explained

Below is a bit more information on each of the main features.

Free Telephone Support
Free calls to our support team regarding any IT issues.

Free Remote Support
We will log onto any PC or server that is on a support contract to fix any IT related issues free of charge.

Server MOT Checks
This is maintenance on the server to make sure that there is enough free space and it is running smoothly. We will also check the event logs to make sure there are no underlying problems with the server that might not be viably apparent on the network.

Daily Backup Checks
We will set your server backup software to email our support desk with backup success or failure notifications every time a back job runs. We will check every day to make sure that the backup was successful and if it is not we will log onto the server to fix the issue.

Reduced onsite charges
Clients who are on a support contract will get a reduced onsite rate for work that cannot be fixed remotely or is not covered under the support agreement.

Maximum Response Time
This is the maximum time it will take to respond to any support requests. Generally we will be a lot quicker but this is a worst case scenario guarantee for busy periods.

Monthly Network Report
You will receive a monthly network report with information about your server and network health, along with backup logs and details of any work done under the support agreement.

Free online backup
This is a free backup utility that will automatically back up any documents selected automatically to the cloud. This is useful for files and programs stored locally on office PCs or for laptop users who keep documents on their local hard drives rather than the server.

3rd Party Software Administration
Most companies have specialist software or databases that they use to run their business. Because of the nature of this kind of software, a lot of time is usually spent talking with the provider when the software needs upgrading, PCs need upgrading or users need to swap PCs as well as other scenarios. We will take the hassle away from you by liaising with Sage, Iris or whoever your software vendor may be to make sure that your installation or upgrade of your business critical software runs smoothly.

Annual IT strategy Review Meeting
Every year we will look at your IT systems with you and discuss any concerns you may have about the network so that we can put your mind at rest. The meeting will be specific to your system but there are several main things that are usually included.  We will usually discuss with you the size of your network and whether it needs to expand to add any more functionality or features. We will also review your disaster recovery plan to make sure that your data is safe in the unfortunate event of hardware failure or natural disaster.