Call Charges


Do you think you might be paying over the odds for your phone line rental and call charges?

The answer for most people is yes, but how do you find out if that is the case? This is where we step in. 127 Solutions offer a FREE TARIFF ANALYSIS where we can tell you how much you can save by transferring to us. This is how the process works:

  • You provide us a copy of your last 3 months phone bills
  • We perform a free, non-committal tariff analysis
  • We will tell you how much you would have saved on the same line rentals and call charges if you were with us.
  • You let us know that you want to transfer your calls and line rentals to us and we will go away and do this. There will be no service disruption and you won’t even know that it has changed, until you see the bill!

Don’t worry if you think you might be tied into a contract, we can still help!

For you free analysis call 03333 442 127 or click Buy Now