How to set up Hotmail in Outlook 2007

How to set up Hotmail in Outlook 2007

1. Open Internet Explorer and search for ‘Outlook Connector download’ in Google.

2. Click on the top search result.

3. Scroll down the page and click on the top download.

4. Run the file.

5. Agree with the terms and click continue.

6. Run through the setup and click install.

7. Wait for the installation to complete.

8. Once complete click finish and open Outlook.

9. Click next and type in your hotmail username and password.

10. Enter the name you want to appear on emails sent in the box below.

11. Click OK and the setup will ask you to restart Outlook.

12. Click cancel if the quality improvement message pops up.

13. You can now see your hotmail account listed in the mail folders.

14. Click send / receive to pull in your hotmail emails.

15. Your hotmail emails should now appear in Outlook.

16. Hotmail emails downloaded in Outlook will stay in your hotmail inbox and changed made will be synced across.

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